Account Overview – M26 with 1000% Biker Attack

So, last time I did an account overview over 2 years ago, I had about 200% Biker Attack on my Mansion 23. However, the same account is now a Mansion 26 & I have over 1000% Biker Attack on it. So, in this post, I’m going to show you how my account is built again so you can see how I got such high stats on my Mansion 26 account.

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1000% Biker – M26 Account Overview

But, before I begin, I just want to make it clear that you should almost never keep your Mansion level low like me just to work on stats. It’s always a better idea to upgrade your mansion to a higher level to unlock higher tier troops & elite skills regardless of what your stats are. The only reason I keep my mansion level low is so that I can make YouTube videos using this account. So, that being said, let’s get started.

Right now, my power is around 46M & my crew power is at around 29M. So, if I get zeroed, My power should still be around 17M. Out of this, 17M, about 12M comes mainly from hitman services while only 5 million comes from buildings, equipment, vigilantes, etc.

Let’s first take a look at my buildings. All of my buildings are currently at Level 26 except for 3 buildings. One counterfeiter that I keep at a low level so I can upgrade it whenever I need to do the daily building task. The plantation which is currently at level 31. And, the Council Hall which is at level 1 because it can’t be upgraded any higher than that.

For my resource buildings, I have
1 Counterfeiter,
2 Hitmen Hotels,
2 Cargo Hubs,
8 Armories,
8 Smelters,
8 Hospitals &
8 Clubs

Now, let’s take a look at my investments. In my invest center, I have criminal enterprises, crew capabilities, equipment, vigilantes, mercenaries & storehouses maxed out for a Level 26 invest center. I’ve also almost maxed out Turf Defense & Resources. For renegades, I haven’t invested much since they cost a ton of resources to max out. However, I still got the 10% Biker Attack, 10% Bulker & Biker Defense & 10% Bulker Health from there. I also get 13% Biker Attack from Crew Capabilities making the total biker attack from investments 23%.

Next we have the Hitman Agency. The very first page that I maxed out was page 1 of the Development Services so that I would get a discount on all of my hitman coin investments. I also maxed out construction services which I don’t recommend doing. & then I invested in Training Services which is good for reducing the training cost & increasing the training speed of bulkers, bikers & shooters.

After that I also maxed out page 1 of Equipment Services & almost maxed out page 2 as well. On page 3, I got everything to level 1 to unlock the 4th emblem slot on all pieces of equipment & finally, on page 6 I unlocked 2 emblem slots on my godfather’s equipment.

After that, I mainly invested in the battle & advanced combat sevices. In Advanced Combat Services, I maxed out page 3 to get 28,000 more ops capacity & I invested a bit in pages 1 & 2 as well.

Now, I’m focused on maxing out page 3 of battle services to get more biker stats, especially charge damage.

So, that’s what my hitman services look like. I get a total of 60% Biker Attack from all of them.

Let’s now take a look at My family reputation & businesses. For Reputation, I have Yakuza, Geondal & Bratva at Friendly + 1, Cosa Nostra at Respect + 3, Green Dragons at Friendly + 2 & Salazar at Friendly. I’ll probably switch back to Cosa Nostra once I unlock the Salazar Babe at Friendly + 1.

For Family Businesses, I’ve tried to keep all families more or less equal. So, I’ve invested around 44% in Family Battles, 21% in Family Training, 13% in Shadow Battles & 28% in shadow members for all families. I’ve invested slightly more in the Family Battles & Training of the Geondal Family, 58 & 35% respectively & for the Salazar Family, I haven’t really invested much since it’s a brand new family. So, I’ll invest during the next family development event.
I get a total of 81.5% Biker Attack from all my Family Businesses.

Now, let’s look at my Equipment.
I have 7 different sets that I can switch between.
For Attack, I use the full warlord set along with the Godfather’s Coat & Twilight Blade.
For emblems I use one Bulker Defense, one Bulker Health, one Biker Defense & one Biker Health Emblem on each of my 6 pieces of equipment & a Bulker Defense & Health Emblem on my Godfather’s Coat.
On my Twilight Blade, I have a level 6 Turret & Nitro to get max Biker Attack. I also have a level 5 Artillery Armament for Bulker Defense & a level 5 Plate Armament for Biker Defense.
In total I get around 303% Biker Attack from all my Equipment.

Then I have the Street Force Set which I use for Attacking Street Forces & Mercenaries. I use the Warlord Gun & Ring along with Subjugator Set pieces for the remaining equipment slots. I also use the Orange Godfather’s Diary which gives me Crime Ops Speed & Street Ops Speed & I also use the Blue Devil Roadster.

If I’m attacking Mercenaries, then I manually switch from the Blue Devil Roadster to the Cruisin Canary Roadster.

For Emblems, I have maxed out Crime Ops Speed Emblems on my Subjugator Pants & Shoes.
My highest street ops speed using this set with Blue Devil is 1132% while having a crime ops speed of 267% at the same time.

Then there’s the T9 Training Set for which I use the full golden kingpin set along with the Golden Godfather’s diary & the God Slayer roadster.

I have my Kingpin Shirt & Weapon augmented to the max level since I train T7 Bulkers & T9 Troops the most. While training T7 Bulkers, I switch to the Mad Max Roadster & while training T8 Troops, I switch to Deathrow.

For emblems, I have maxed out Training Speed & Training Capacity emblems on my Golden Godfather’s Diary & some Training Speed emblems on my Kingpin pieces.
My max training speed using this set with the God Slayer roadster is 300%

Next is the Gathering Set for which I use all Grey level 1 equipment pieces along with gathering emblems for all 4 resources on each of them. I also use the Orange godfather’s ring that’s optimized for gathering speed & the Queen Roadster which gives 30% more gathering speed.
The reason I use level 1 grey equipment is because I can simply remove all emblems from a piece of equipment by making 3 more level 1 grey pieces & then using them to synthesize with the piece I want to remove the emblems from.
My Max unbuffed Gathering Speeds using this set are 316% for Cargo, 327% for Cash, 308% for Arms & 238% for Metal.

After the gathering set, I have the resource collection set for which I again use the full kingpin set along with the Golden Godfather’s Ring which is Optimized for Metal Production & Gold Gathering Speed & the Tidal Wave Roadster which gives 40% more Resource Production.

The Kingpin Pieces also have Cargo, Arms & Meta production emblems on them along with the training speed ones which help with resource production as well.
My max unbuffed resource productions using this set are 630% Cargo Production, 363% Cash Production, 518% Arms Production & 486% Metal Production

I use this resource collection set before collecting resources from the resource buildings in my turf so that they give me the maximum possible amount of resources.

Then I have the Healing Set which includes the Level 40 Tanzanite Ring, Ultra Formal Tuxedo & Trousers & the Italian Brogues, all of which give Healing Speed. I also add the Godfather’s Necklace for more Healing Speed & later on, once I add the Glass Armament to my Twilight Blade roadster, I’ll get around 62% more healing speed from it as well.
The maximum unbuffed Healing Speed that I can get with this set is 478%.

Finally, I have the wounded capacity set which includes the warlord knife, the level 40 Breguet Watch, The Level 40 Ultra Formal Tuxedo & Trousers & the level 30 French Leather Shoes along with the Golden Godfather’s Necklace & Twilight Blade who’s plate armament gives me more wounded capacity. I also have a few level 5 Wounded Capacity Emblems Equipped on some pieces.

When I’m using battle equipment & skills I get around 1.1M Wounded Capacity. However, while using this set & support skills, my Wounded Capacity goes over 2.4M.

Next, let’s take a look at my skill trees. I have 4 skill sets, one for Battle, one for Growth, one for Training, Hospitals & Reinforcement Capacity and the last one for Street Forces & Defense Weapons.

In the battle tree, I’ve invested in Bulker Health, Biker Stats & Ops Capacity wherever there was an option to pick between different stats.
In the Growth Tree, I invested in Cargo & Arms Production & Gathering Speed, Metal Production & in both, Investment Time Reduction as well as Cost Reduction.
In the Training, Healing & Reinforcement Tree, I’ve invested in Training Capacity, Training Speed, Wounded Capacity & Reinforcement Capacity.
& in the Street Force & Defense Weapon Tree, I’ve invested in Defense Weapon Building Speed & Attack, Street Ops Attack, Street Ops Speed & Crime Ops Speed.

I also have 4 similar skill trees for my Mastery Skills. For the battle tree, I invest into Crew Defense, Biker Health & Biker Attack. For the Growth Tree, I invest in resource production, investment time & cost reduction & investment cost reduction again. For the training tree, I’ve invested in Wounded Capacity & Healing Speed, Training Capacity & Cost Reduction & also in additional Crew Members during training.
& Finally for Street Forces, I focus mainly on Street Ops Speed so I can attack them faster & I’ve also invested in the demolition expert skill.

I use the Battle Trees while attacking other players, the growth trees before I collect resources & whenever I send my troops out to gather, Training Trees before I train a lot of troops or before I collect troops that have been trained so that I get the free bonus troops. I also use the Training Trees whenever I need more hospital capacity & reinforcement capacity.
And finally, I use the Street Force trees whenever I’m attacking street forces or Mercenaries & also when I need to make some defense weapons for the daily task.

So, that was how I invested my Skillpoints & Mastery points.

Let’s now take a look at my SVIP, Plantation and Family Stores.
I have a Level 5 SVIP Store so I get 20% more Crew Attack, Defense & Health just by buying all the buffs from there. These buffs are in addition to the 23% Crew Attack, 15% Crew Defense, 20% Crew Health & 10,000 Ops Capacity buffs that I get for being SVIP 10.
I also have the plantation store at level 7, so I also get some extra buffs from there as well. I get 2% Crew Defense, 3% Bulker Defense, 5% Biker Attack & 2% Bulker Attack.
Then I also have a level 10 Maxed out Mademan Store that mainly gives me a lot of extra hospital capacity & healing speed. I also have a level 12 Associate Store which gives me a little bit of Hospital Capacity along with a few other useful non-battle buffs.

So, those were all my stores.

Now let’s take a look at my Vigilantes. I have 17 5 star vigilantes currently and that number will soon go up to 19 once I upgrade Glori & Daphne to 5 stars during the next vigilante fragment event. I’ve unlocked pretty much all the vigilantes in the game except for Tien will I will unlock later on. This also includes the 4 Limited time vigilantes, Kazuma, Goro, Akira & Ryuji which I have at 3 stars.
For vigilante skins, I have the skins of Izumi & Tracy & also the 2 Limited Time skins of Kazuma & Goro.
For Vigilante Equipment, I have about 30 pieces of the extremist set of different colors ranging from Grey to Orange. I’ve put the best pieces on Firelord & Vlad which I currently use as my Main Vigilantes. Later on, I’ll probably switch to using Vlad & Tadashi once I get him to 5 stars.
So that was all about my Vigilantes. In total, I get 200% Biker Attack from their skills & another 11% from their skins.

For Renegades, I have all 5 Renegades unlocked. Lan Quing is at 4 Stars, Celeste at 2 & the other 3 are at 1 star each.

Now, let’s take a look at my Babes. I have 25 babes in total out of which 22 are at 5 stars. For the remaining 3, I’m waiting for the Rose Bonus event to use my roses on them. I’ll also be able to unlock Carmen soon once my Salazar Family reputation gets to Friendly + 1. Plus I can get 1 babe from my babe growth cards & another one from my beauty invitations. So, effectively I have 28 babes. This includes both the limited time babes, Creature Queen & Koyuki.

For their Skills, I’ve mainly focused on biker attack to get to 1000% quickly. But now that I’ve achieved my goal, I’ll be using my Jewelry Cards more on Ops Capacity & Biker Charge Damage once the Jewelry Card bonus event starts. I get a total of 204.6% Biker Attack from all the babes that I currently have & I also get an extra 8% from the 4 Dresses that I have for Diana, Mai, Grace & Catherine.

My Highest Floor in the Slammer is 67 on Easy Mode using the 60% Ops Capacity Buff that I get from the SVIP Store which means I get a ton of family gold & jewelry cards every week. My max Ops Capacity using the 60% Buff & the ringleader skill can go over 500,000 if I use 2 vigilantes that buff ops capacity. However, I normally use Firelord & Vlad, so I only get around 486k Ops Capacity.

Now, let’s take a look at all the other remaining places that give me some stats.

First, we have the godfather’s monument. I don’t have any of the Mansion or Crime Ops Buffs here. But I do get 6 nametag buffs, which give a total of 2% Bulker, Biker & Vehicle Defense, 2% Bulker, Biker & Shooter Attack, 2% Bulker & Biker Health & 4% Vehicle Health.

From my Avatar frames, I get 2 buffs which give me 4% Bulker Health & 2% Biker & Shooter Health.

For the Chat Bubble decorations, I only have 1 which gives me 2% Bulker & Biker Health.

For the Turf Effect Achievements, I again have 1 which gives me 2% Biker & Vehicle Attack.

& Finally, for babe dress ups, flag columns & vigilante skins, I don’t have any buffs.

Then there are leader avatars where I have the 2 governor avatars that give me 1% Crew Attack & Defense. The Cosa Nostra Xmas avatar that gives 1% Biker Attack & Defense & the Limited Time Yakuza Avatar that gives 3% Shooter Attack & Defense.

& Finally, I have the Plantation Bear that gives me 1% Bulker Attack.

If you add the Biker Attack that I get from all of these sources, then it turns out that I have a total of 1002.89% Biker Attack which gets rounded off to 1003% in the game. This obviously excludes the active vigilante skills & buff. So, if I use Vlad, I get an extra 15% Biker Attack & if I add a 20% Attack Buff as well, that’ll make my Biker Attack 1038%
The top 3 sources of Biker Attack for me are Babes, Vigilante Skills & Equipment, each of which give me close to 200% Stats. After that, there’s Family Businesses which give 81.5%, Hitman Services which give 60%, Roadster Armaments which give 56.64%, The Skill Tree which gives 45%, Twilight Bade which gives 36% & then you have Investments & the SVIP Buff which give 23% Each. Those were the top 10 Sources of stats for me.

So, those are all the different ways I get stats on my account. If you wanna download the sheet showing the breakdown of my Mansion’s Biker Attack, you can find that on my Patreon.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

Level 20 Bosses: ₱Ⱨ₳Ɽ₳ØⱧ ༒ ₮ɆⱤⱤØR (C981), ᵐᶜ ЯΣΛPΣЯ

Level 10 Bosses: 12cz, MickaelGaribladi (C536), Purple Swirl (C153), Hero ¥ (C898),
KO Boss (C590), AscMirzo, Thoress, Zubair Rafique, ꋊꂦꍟ꒒ꍏꋊꀤ, Im a Unicorn (C766),
DaviD Justin, ✯VɆ₦₳₮ØɌɌƗ✯, xoXO JULS Xoxo (C87), Chronicbreak (C1077), Fluffy (C603)

Level 5 Bosses: Warlord2020 (C268), Lavialle Xavier, Saharudin 31, Fluffy (C773),
Nik0708, Casper, Achilles (C429), DrTankenstein (C558), MarkDeLux (C557),
samuel brito jr, Aussie Assassin (C300), Carol Fkin Baskin (C768),
John Fukn Wick (C766), One9GT, Rykt3r (C496), Micado (C469), yourDream,
Anubis, Stitch (C441), Dana Perry, Mther of Dragons 269, Temperance77 (C249),
António Pimenta, Jaffe De Jaffe (C950), Charles van Veen, Meg Ferri, Ana900,
Madam Rose (C579), 07GSXR, =Lars Warez= (C1142), Jub Jub (C1035), Harry,
Antoning Fernandez, Ghost x, Brian Jeter, Kyshaun, Inspectore(C991), JoKeR,
Big STU (C975), Killer Rabbit, ƁЄƇƧƬƛ, LostBoys (C1169), BigHutch187 (C221),
❀ ༗࿐༗JAYDE༗࿐❀, Mocking Jay (C1223), DrBruceBanner, Don Boolks, Nuckleavee Nate (C975)

So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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