3rd Anniversary Week 3 – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the Week 3 event of the 3rd Anniversary. I’ll also be talking about the Wine Festival Event & the Clan Contest and in the end, I’ll also be showing you how to get permanent chat bubbles for $8 to $24. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Permanent Chat Bubble for $8 to $24 & Anniversary Week 3 Event – Mafia City

There are a few different ways of getting puzzle pieces for week 3. You can get 6 fragments a day by visiting 50 bakeries. You can get another 6 daily by donating the Ingredients that you get from visiting these bakeries. You may also get extra fragments whenever you donate ingredients. The cake that you see in the event is actually a global cake & not a city cake even though the event says that it is. This means that everyone will be unlocking the 2nd Phase of this event at the same time.

Once the cake is made, a random cake will spawn in the city within the first 10 minutes of the next day. After, that, a new cake will appear in the city every 12 hours. Players will be able to scout these cakes for rewards.

The next event is the Wine Festival. This event requires you to provide your Clan’s Reception with Wines to get happiness. You need a total of 14000 happiness in this event to get the final reward. Each wine that you use gives you 10 happiness so you only need to use 1400 wines during the event to get max rewards. The event lasts for 7 days, so that means you only need to get 200 wines per day to max out. You can get 100 wines per day from gathering resources & you can get 95 wines by maxing out the daily contracts. You can get a few extra wines daily by collecting resources in your turf & also by trading at the black market. So, it’s definitely possible even for non spenders to get 14,000 points in this event.
The players that use the most wines during the event in each city will get the permanent Fire Truck Ops & the clan that finishes 1st in the Global rankings will get the Permanent Wine Reception Badge which gives 3% Bulker Attack & Defense.

There’s also the Clan Contest Event going on. If you haven’t checked out my Troop Setup Guide, you should check that out as that’ll help you set a good formation for this event. Also, make sure you use your attack & defense buff while setting your formation but do not use a march size buff as everyone participating in the event automatically gets a 50% March Buff during the event. Only 25 applicants can participate in the event. In case there are more than 25 applicants from your clan, then only the 25 that have the most power will be selected.

There’s also a good news for the small spenders as now you can get permanent chat bubbles for anywhere between $8 to $24. You can now get a permanent chat bubble fragment by purchasing 3500 gold from the Cumulative Purchase Event & if you do it 4 times, you’ll have just enough fragments, to get a chat bubble.
You can get 3500 gold by purchasing the lottery wheel pack 6 times which will cost you $6 & doing this 4 times will cost you a total of $24 to get a permanent chat bubble. However, if you’re lucky enough to find these $1 packs that give 2000 gold each, you’ll only have to purchase 2 of these packs to get 3500 gold & doing this 4 times will only cost $8. So, that’s how you get a chat bubble for anywhere between $8 to $24.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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